Healing the Heart from Pain

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The human heart is a doorway to our deep wisdom and an elevated experience of love.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been taught to pay much attention to it. On the contrary, we are encouraged to distract ourselves from it, piling up things on our to-do list and numbing the feelings that come from within. 
For us to be able to fully access the wisdom of our heart, we must relieve it from old pains. In this session, I will take you on a journey into your heart centre, helping you to acknowledge what needs to be mended in your emotional space.
Only when we accept and address our feelings do we start to understand ourselves better. I invite you to stop numbing your emotions and, instead, begin to heal them. Through this process, you may move forward in your life and create new relationships with more lightness. 

Preferable to listen with headphones. Enjoy.

Preferable to listen with headphones. Enjoy.

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