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It's time to recognize that the only thing worth giving our energy and attention to is the fertilization and expansion of Love: the most powerful force there is. 

Vlada de Sousa

I dream of an utopia where humans can awaken from the illusion of the ego and start living from the heart

1:1 Love Counseling

For many years I am supporting people on their path to understand feminine and masculine energies and create harmonious relationship based on freedom, passion and devotion. I support my clients to heal from heartbreak and clear blocks to commitment, intimacy and opening their hearts again. Love Counseling will support you to thrive in love relationships, intimacy and create healthy dynamics in your marriage.

Signature Experience

Do you feel like you have full permission to live with your heart fully open? Or do you find yourself sometimes hiding your true feelings? Unfortunately in many contexts to show that you have an open, and kind heart is considered as a sign of weakness. It is not.

dare to love

Modern heros are those who dare  to love,  and open their heart fearlessly. 

pause to meditate


Take a moment to pause and meditate with me. Shift from being in the mind to reconnecting with your heart center.

head to heart

Virtual Programs

signature virtual programs

 These virtual programs are profound heart healing and love-filled journeys.

This is an 8-week immersion that will help you to turn your relationship with yourself into a true masterpiece. Reconnect with the abandoned parts of your essence and bring them back  into wholeness. Discover your sacredness and step into your self love mastery.


In this 8-week immersion you will re-educate yourself on romantic love and learn how to create healthy intimate relationships where both partners are thriving. In the process you will experience healing and liberation from unhealthy attachment patterns and emotional blocks.

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Deep and profound course on love that activates and heals the heart. Explore and connect to the energy of love from 7 major directions, something you have never experienced before. Through transformative sessions and signature meditations your life and perceptions of love will change forever.

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Workshops &  Meditations


Enjoy the exclusive library of my special masterclasses, workshops and unique meditation collections. 

FREE workshop

In this recorded 1-hour masterclass I teach how to release blockages on the path to meet your soulmate. You will get signature recorded meditation and journaling questions to help you integrate the experience and manifest your soulmate.

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In this meditation collection I have combined the most important practice to release emotional blockages and help you finding trust while letting go of fears related to love. The collection consists of 8 sacred meditations from 15 to 30 minutes long and will allow you to go on a journey back to Love.

For the last 8 years I have been carefully building a community that I love and deeply care for. I invite you to become an honorable member of  this inner circle and enjoy access to my events and special rates for 1:1 work.

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1:1 work

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