I am here to show the way back to love


A vision that has been a guiding light for my work is to see every person becoming fully sovereign, completely expressed and self realized - reaching the ultimate level of inner authority.

It is my life purpose to guide humans to step into their power, and live with a wide-open heart, fearlessly and in a state of bliss.

I made a commitment with the Divine to be the channel of Grace and give to the world sacred methods, ancient wisdom and practices that bring ultimate healing to the collective and individual energies.

My core mission is to assist people in living their lives in abundance of love and highest purpose.
I guide those who are on their path of healing from the past hurts and creating an inspiring and soul-aligned life experience. 

Spiritual Guide, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Energy Healer
Holistic Wellness Event Curator & Facilitator
Coach & Speaker 
Meditation Teacher
Holistic Counselor & Trauma-Informed Therapist

Founder of Bliss Body Journeys
Luxury Boutique Retreat Brand (since 2016)


I was around 4 years old when my spiritual journey began. My mother took me to the cave in Jerusalem where Jesus was resurrected and something profound happened to my soul in that place. I experienced a powerful energetic transmission that felt like an activation of my spiritual connection with the Source.

After this experience, I started to feel divine energies around me, and very often would find myself praying and communicating with the Universal Soul.

Growing up I started to be distracted by the school studies and very mundane life challenges.  Living with my mother, who was battling cancer for 10 years and passed away when I was 16 hardened my heart and sometimes I would find myself overwhelmed with sadness. My life slowly became a never ending search to find out why people get sick and how to help them heal.

In my early 20s, I started to feel again a strong spiritual pull and something was telling me that I need to find my path and understand what is my mission. 

Very soon I discovered yoga and it changed my life. Day and night I was obsessed with studying teachings of yogis and mystics, trying all kinds of sacred practices, and was drawn to sit in meditation for hours. My soul was awakening, I could finally feel that I know why I came to the Earth and what is meaningful for me.

Since that time I have received multiple initiations into energy healing practices and got trained as a yoga and meditation teacher in classical Tantra and Kashmiri Shaivism spiritual traditions. 

I got certified in multiple holistic practices like somatic release work, craniosacral therapy, holistic psychology, and art of clairvoyant energy reading.

Through years of working as a spiritual guide and healer, I discovered that I have a natural ability to intuitively see the fullest potential of every human being. I see where each soul gets stuck on their way to express their biggest gifts and live from the true hearts' passion.

I assist people in redirection towards their unique life path through healing, empowerment and heart awakening work.

With unstoppable passion, I am dedicating every day of my life into a single purpose - helping humanity to return back to Love.

Since 2016 I have touched thousands of human hearts worldwide through my retreats, training, and healing sessions. And every time I see how miracles manifest in the lives of my students and clients, it reinforces the fire of my soul to continue creating one-of-a-kind spiritual experiences.







The sacred symbol of my logo represents 3 main directions in which I chose to offer my service and dedication in the work that I do.

Through HEALING I am guiding people into emotional, mental and energetic transformation where all the disowned parts gently come back into wholeness.

Through EMPOWERMENT I am offering a chance to regain inner power and reconnect with individual spiritual strength and the fire within.

Through LOVE I am helping to create enlightened relationships and live from the place of ones fullest and awakened heart.

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