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Experience the power of releasing breathwork, my favourite tool to work with energy.

When we feel trapped or claustrophobic within life circumstances or with our own feelings, thoughts and emotions, it is time to start to liberate ourselves and look for a way out.
In the first part of this session, you will go with me on a journey of deep breath through your mouth. This way, you will be able to release tension from the body, letting go of the stressful tendencies of the mind. 
In the second part of this session, I will take you through an energy clearing and balancing meditation. You will remove foreign energies from your space, purify your field and fill yourself with new, blissful and healthy vibrations.
I hope you enjoy it and return to this practice whenever you feel the need.

Preferable to listen with headphones. Enjoy.

Preferable to listen with headphones. Enjoy.

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